Feelings of hopelessness and despair can take a heavy toll on one’s quality of life and significantly impair the way we think, feel and act. While many patients are able to lift the heavy fog associated with depression through lifestyle changes, coping mechanisms, psychotherapy or medication, others still struggle to find respite.

If you are suffering from large-scale depression and have found traditional treatment methods to be ineffective, TMS Therapy Louisville may be able to help.

At TMS Therapy Louisville, it is our mission to offer an environment conducive to results-orientated relief from depression and other mood disorders.

While antidepressants alter your brain chemically, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) works to stimulate underactive nerve cells in the brain using magnetic fields. This is done using a top-of-the-line, FDA-approved machine that sends magnetic energy pulses through the prefrontal cortex. As a result, TMS is able to painlessly revitalize areas of the brain responsible for mood control and improve communication within the central nervous system.

Trials have shown lasting, positive effects on brain functions in those who have otherwise experienced a treatment resistant form of depression.

To ensure TMS is right for you, talk to your doctor and request an appointment with us today.

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